Benefits of online learning over traditional learning

Most economical learning, at a fraction of a traditional cost (upto 15%) w3varsity way
Very high cost Traditional learning
Quality approved education, latest versions of courses provided w3varsity way
Curriculums are not updated immediately Traditional learning
No need of faculty !! Consistency in quality w3varsity way
Very high cost Faculty problems?? (Availability & Quality)
Instantaneous and absolutely free up-gradations w3varsity way
Very high cost Extra cost of up-gradations
Anywhere…. Anytime… learning with internet connection w3varsity way
Very high cost Traveling at fixed timings
24 x 7 availability w3varsity way
Fixed Duration Traveling at fixed timings
Decide your own milestone with self paced learning w3varsity way
Problems keeping with the fast pace of learning? Traveling at fixed timings
No missing of lectures w3varsity way
Possibility of missing lectures Traveling at fixed timings
Bulletin board shall help you ask any doubts in privacy w3varsity way
At times, hesitation in asking doubts Traveling at fixed timings
Result measurement is automatic. Auto tracking of your progress via PALS w3varsity way
Result measurement is difficult Traveling at fixed timings
Retention of information is high w3varsity way
Retention of information varies Traveling at fixed timings
Higher Course Completion rate w3varsity way
Course Completion is average Traveling at fixed timings
Simulates an international classroom with discussion forum w3varsity way
Students limited to size of a class Traveling at fixed timings
Can be shared…. just one enrollment required w3varsity way
Separate fees charged for individual enrollments Traveling at fixed timings