PALS (Personalised Automated Learning System)

As the name put forwards this is an incredible feature at 'w3varsity'which maintains a report or has a track of each and every member's activities, in the background and presents reports for organized reference in a user-friendly format such as,

  1. Which topic the member is studying?
  2. What is the total time taken by the member to study the course?
  3. Up to which part the member has finished in a particular course?
  4. How was the performance in the series and which was the best in online test?
  5. What is the remaining time of subscription (in terms of days and no. of hours)?
  6. Which was the last topic that the user had kept it on hold?

Moreover PALS robotically aid in taking a member to a particular page of a course they were studying last. In a course the member can start accessing from anywhere where they had stopped initially. The index page of each course tells a member which chapters have been studied/seen by the member.