What is LMS?

Gone are the days in the organizations and MNC's where a trainer goes to the company and gives a detailed explanation to the employees while implementing a new strategy or using a particular software or for learning any new language etc. A most well-known term that is used in today’s world for giving an online training or for educational purpose is the LMS (Learning Management System).Most of us will be aware of the term “smart school” and this is an ideal example of using an LMS.

The next question that comes in our mind is what is LMS? Well to say it straightforwardly "It is a software application that is being used in the field of e-learning content. At present each organization wishes to endow their employees with effective learning strategy. Well, learning management system gives you an idea with reference to the idyllic way to the Employee Training using this valuable technique. LMS program also offers the ease of use of web-based learning, online education courses, online training programs, etc.

Whatever it may be an immense business firm or an educational institute every industry insists for a Learning Management System currently as it can be of assistance to the administration in testing, managing, analyzing, tracking and maintaining reports. In addition, the LMS program serves as a certification which allows students or employees to get training in their respective fields or relevant roles. Listed below are some features of LMS:

  • Training administration: With the assistance of a software application online training programs can be given to the employees. At the same time it can help the students for online education courses and for those who study any degree in the Distance Learning group. The online training system for the corporate has a great advantage with this LMS program For Distance learning group this LMS will be very useful as it is easily accessible in tablets and smart phones, you do not require a PC or laptop for this purpose.
  • Certification: Apart from organizing training sessions, it also assist in organizing different certification programs for (online education courses, online training programs, online training system) so that, the students or employees can be certified after the completion of the learning program.
  • Administration reporting: LMS also allows the senior management to keep an eye on the progress report so that, they can come to know about their track report at any required time. Anytime anywhere this LMS is a flexible option.
  • Self-service: With this facet it supports the students or employees to get an easy way in on the learning contents at anytime they want. One can upload the study materials and it can be accessed easily. There is no need to wait for the manual print or for CD’s or DVD’s.
  • Manage contents: As there is an online access of the e-learning content they can be updated or reused whenever needed.

In the upcoming days this software system LMS will be immensely used by the organizations to perk up the competence of the employees and is also very much effectual in cost-cutting.