What is SCORM? "Sharable Content Object Reference Mode"

There are a wide variety of terms that are used in e-learning content and we may be unaware of it. Do you know about SCORM? Well the acronym for SCORM is "Sharable Content Object Reference Mode". SCORM is a standard for web-based e-learning that has been developed to delineate communication sandwiched between client-side content and a runtime environment. To understand it in a more precise way the client-side content would be the course launched by a student and the runtime environment would be a Learning Management System. There are several version of SCORM starting from SCORM v1.0 in 1999 to the SCORM 2004 3rd Edition in 2006.

The SCORM package has a defined API (Application Programming Interface). The term API is not only one of its kinds to SCORM but is a familiar term in application development. The API is typically deployed using Java Script. The SCORM API is a set of messages that are documented and is sent between the course and the LMS. It is a great advantage in content management system. The significance is the master file for the SCORM course that constitutes references to all other files that frames the entire content of the course in learning content management system. Having a SCORM LMS, or a SCORM compliant LMS, can spell turnover for e-learning content creators and producers.

A single SCO is the most fundamental and most common form of a SCORM learning management system course. All files that devise the course, irrespective to the number of lessons in the course, are packaged as one SCO unit and is accessed easily with the e-learning software and with other online training software. When the course is launched within the Learning Management System, it communicates with the SCO. There are many e learning companies in India who make use of this learning content management in LMS training and is proved to have an immense benefit for online education and online training courses.

To pass SCORM standards and receive SCORM certification, an LMS evaluation should be done by the U.S. Department of Defense, whose ADL, or Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative,dictates the development and execution of SCORM standards. in addition a SCORM certification can be a superior standard for judging the type of e-learning modules that can be used to make sure to give the most excellent education for you and your company's employees. SCORM has an established track record in the web based e-learning world, the conventional standard in industry and is one among the best learning management systems in 2015.